Immersive performance of temporal disorder

Would we still be the same if we revisited our past?
  We all remember that we would like to change. “Altering time is a scandal of reason,” warns Borgès. And yet it is this performance of temporal disorder that invites us the Collective Ornic’art. A journey of sensitive experiences to live together, where everyone can choose their degree of participation. Time is reversible and Eros alters it.

Eros waves Chronos! Theater of experiences, the performance is a troubling immersion based on the desire of each participant to explore a personal memory. Using film sequences, she calls past and future to the rescue of the present, explores the bifurcations of time and the rise of sensuality, essential fuel for weathering. As far as they seem real, our memories are entirely subjective. We all have one that we would like to live differently. It is on this paradox that erodes the foundations of our identity that we build ourselves. Are our memories fictions? Can I relive new ones?
  Is the other the key to my inner time?


Gauge: 80 people maximum
  Duration: 1h40 (including 20 minutes of reception)

  Performers: Christine Bouvier // Anthony Chabert // Rochdy Laribi // Mollie Lebherger // Jean-Christophe Petit // Audrey Vecco
  Author – Artistic Director: Rochdy Laribi
  Video creation: Mélanie François

Production : ORNIC’ART
Coproduction : Théâtre des Bernardines – Marseille // Friche La Belle de Mai – Marseille // Métaphores Urbaines – Paris // Confluences – Paris
Avec le soutien de : La ville de Marseille // DICRÉAM – CNC

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