Dorothea Seror, a multidisciplinary performer

Guest of honor at this fall’s Labo des Désirs, Dorothea Seror is a multidisciplinary artist based in Munich, Germany. Her work incorporates performance art, contemporary art, land art, video art, installations, objects, staging and much more.

She studied at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, and has worked with various companies around the world.
She has been leading workshops with a wide range of audiences for many years, and has also been invited to take part in numerous biennials and artist residencies internationally (India, Netherlands, Mexico, USA, Ireland, Brazil, Israel, Nigeria, Sweden, Italy, France, China, Denmark, UK, Israel…).

The body is at the heart of her performances and creations. Through provocation and exchange, she invites the public to question norms and through her work condemns notions of flaws that have their origins in social and political dogma.

In her work, she also pays particular attention to the possibilities and responsibilities of human beings towards the planet and living things. Recycling is of particular interest to her, which is why, rather than using resources to produce artworks, she recycles those that already exist, including her own works.

Finally, she is involved in exploring the rituals and spiritual practices of different cultures, which contribute to preserving the health of the planet and humanity.

In her current major project, “JOY OF WEAVING”, she weaves objects from used clothing. Since only 1% of used clothing is actually recycled by the industry, she teaches simple techniques that enable anyone to produce new objects and even works of art from old clothes.

This is the inspiration behind the art workshops she is offering as part of the September Labo.

You can find her work on her website or instagram.

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