Labo des désirs – 4/7 July 2023 – “L’été insolite” (An unsual summer)

From July 4 to 7, the Labo des Désirs celebrates “L’été insolite” (Unusual Summer). Clear your mind and fill it up again over your vacation (vacuum). Slow down your body, among climate change and an unusual rave party in a forest filled with texts…

Tuesday 4/07 – An emotional start to the week focused on the climate emergency.
10 a.m. – 12 p.m.: “Hot or cold” breakfast hosted by La Réplique and warm-up aikishintaïso and theatrical contingencies led by Cécile Peyrot and Yohan Le Corre.
1pm – 3pm: Videobooth “Come and talk raw about your emotions on climate”.
2pm – 5pm: Theatrical practice workshop by C. Peyrot, Y. Le Corre and N. Le Gal
5:15pm – 5:45pm: excerpt from the show « Rencontres intimes avec l’anthropocène » – ( Intimate encounters with the Anthropocene ). Based on the reports of CNRS researchers from Labos1point5, it’s time to speak about climate with emotions – a first for researchers, who are usually bound by scientific discipline. The goal? To explore different ways of talking about ecology and open up the possibilities for action.

Wednesday 5/07 – A day under the sign of slowness
10 a.m. – 12 p.m.: “What better way to enter summer than to slow down and listen to our inner being?” Julie Alamelle (Mouvimento) invites you to let go while being fully aware and tuned in to your body.
2pm – 5pm: Choreographic workshop. The dancer suggests “Letting yourself be guided by your inner worlds to create ‘choreographic bubbles'”, guided by the movements of your fascia, beneath the surface of your skin.
7:30pm: Screening of the film “Nos premiers Temps”(Our First Times) , directed by Jeff Comminges, at Le Gyptis cinema, and photo exhibition “Les Plus Bel(le)s de Mai” (The Most Beautiful of Mai) by Francis Helgorsky, works created during previous Desires Cafés with neighborhood residents.

Thursday 6/07 – Let your body express itself –
0am – 12pm: Combine dance and theater in a cheerful summer setting with Marie Adrian
12pm – 2pm: The Canteen of Desires invites you to enjoy its dishes.
2pm – 5pm: Want to bend the codes of techno dance? Anna Ten (Compagnie Seule à plusieurs) invites you to explore your own body’s vocabulary, while proposing an unusual type of rave party.
5.15pm: With an excerpt from her performance “J’ai perdu mon âge en sautant à la corde” (I’ve lost my years skipping rope), Josiane will lead you in a delightful journey to uncover that it’s possible to start dancing at the age of 71.

Friday 8/07 – Unusual installation –
This day, “Viens danser dans ma foêt de sms” (Come dance through my texts forest) ,a project in partnership with the Ornic’art company and APHM patients, invites you to enjoy an extraordinary experience combining the art world and psychiatric environment.
10am – 12pm: Desires Café
2 p.m. – 5 p.m: Dance through the installation and immerse yourself in a poetic world of sound.
5 p.m.: Poets’ Circle (Cercle du premier temps des poètes) by La Réplique, featuring texts written by APHM patients.
6 p.m.: Apéro DJ Erreur de jeunesse to round off this unusual week of festivities.

And of course, the usual Chaises musicales will follow you every evening at 6 p.m. to brighten up your week!

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See you in September with a focus centred around “Weaving your identity”, to start the year off properly!

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