Our studio

Since 2012, Ornic'art is installed on the first floor of the Fallow Beauty of May. The collective shares with Red Plexus a 130m2 work area organized in open space.

Red Plexus is a network for the exchange and dissemination of new scripts of the performance, created by Ornic'art en 2007 and which organizes the festival Préavis de Urban Disorder (renamed Red Plexus in 2019) since his creation.

This place is an open space where we find on one side the offices of administration, production and communication as well as a small kitchen that feeds conviviality within the team.

On the other side is the workshop of 100m2 where, on the tatami mats, the times unfold training and creation of performers and workshops with students.  Outside the offices is a large terrace where are arranged the four large metal structures that are frequently used in performance.

This workspace is a place of synergy and creative emulation shared by the team of Red Plexus and the performers of the collective Ornic'art.

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