Labo des désirs – 12 January – “Nouvel El(An), Nouvel (An)vies” (New Year, New Desires )

This month’s ” Labo des Désirs ” will take the form of a festive, collaborative gathering on Friday, January 12, from 2pm to 9pm. An opportunity for us to share our wishes for the New Year together.

A fun and participative time to further strengthen cooperation and shared energies at the “Labo des Désirs”.
And to wish each other a desire-filled 2024!
Getting together to get to know each other better, to share our wishes and to imagine how we can implement them together.
Thanks a bunch for your interest and participation!

2pm-5pm / CAFÉ DES DÉSIRS (DESIRES CAFÉ): “Nouvel Él(An), Nouvel (An)vie” 2024.
1) Overview presentation in café gourmand mode
2) Getting to know each other through our respective Labo experiences
3) Expressing our desires and identifying the energies we’ll need to bring forward in 2024
4) Preview of the next Labo des Désirs “Tous à la barre” (mock trial on cultural rights, from February 4th to 9th)
5pm-6pm / CERCLE PREMIER TEMPS DES POÈTES (Poets’ First Circle). Focused around new desires.
6pm-9pm / APÉRO by la Réplique – CONCERT by Niofar

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