Labo des désirs – 2/6 october – “Identités féminines et plurielles” (Feminine and plural identities)

In October, the Labo des Désirs ties in with Plexus Rouge 2023 festival – October 6 and 7 – to bring you a special edition based on the theme of “Feminine and plural identities”.

Monday 2nd:

2pm to 5pm: Urban dance workshop with dancer, choreographer and performer Tchina Ndjidda. Based on hip hop dance and African ritual dances, this workshop explores choreographic and performative motifs around travel and exile. The artist is invited to take part in the festival “Identités féminines et plurielles”, on October 6 and 7 at the Friche la Belle de Mai and in open spaces. He will be presenting his participatory choreographic creation Frontières based around the themes of migration, exile and travel, which you can take part in if you attend this workshop and at least 2 others during the week (more info at

Tuesday 3rd

10am to 12pm: Voice discovery workshop. Play with your voice, discover how the body and sounds can exist and vibrate together. A gentle approach to polyphonic singing that lets your body and breath flow into place, free from tension. Led by Roseline Bonnet des Tuves, lyric singer and composer of stage music for Les productions de la Mezzanine.
2pm to 5pm: Dance workshop focusing on sorority by Cie Marinette Dozeville. The artist has been invited as part of the Festival Plexus Rouge “Identités féminines et plurielles” on October 6 and 7 to present her creation “C’est comme ça que don Quichotte décida de sauver le monde” (That’s how Don Quixote decided to save the world). Eight dancers and activists cultivate sororal love and join forces to claim a contagious freedom. They portray a range of chivalrous, unique and plural women. The workshops presented are part of the company’s residency at Plexus Rouge. Workshops for complicit audiences, raising awareness around the play, bodywork and its political translation. Participants will act as a link between performers and audience on performance days. Their mission, without injunction, will range from handing out small words to dancing!The workshop hosted by Marinette Dozeville is open only to women or non-binary people. It will revolve around the figure of a female Don Quixote, and will contribute to a performance for Plexus Rouge 2023 (see Plexus Rouge festival program).

Wednesday 4th

10am to 12pm: Body and Dance, “Group identities”. Corinne Pontana‘s training aims to transmit her experience of the moving body within dance, sharing her experience as a performer and her personal writing. It puts into practice group dynamics in relation to the other and to others, and in relation to different spaces. The primary aim of this pedagogy is to define a common dance language. Her teaching is closely linked to that of Anne Le Batard and Jean-Antoine Bigot Cie Ex Nihilo, with whom she has collaborated as a performer for over 17 years.
2pm to 5pm: Dance workshop exploring sorority by Marinette Dozeville
3pm to 8pm: Cooking workshop at the Cantine du midi with Alexia Lorieux. “Feminine and plural identities” immediately resonated within me about the women who have played a role in my identity, and especially my culinary identity. So I thought about the dishes my Norman grandmother used to cook for me as a child, recipes I’d try to reproduce, meals that were often brought home by my mother, as well as my present-day tastes, such as my fondness for fresh herbs and my passion for eggplants.

Thursday 5/10

10 a.m. to 12 p.m.: Body and Dance “Expressing your identity by connecting with yourself” by Julie Alamelle, Cie Mouvimento. Let your body set you in motion by connecting you to the present moment to taste each path it proposes and let it move you freely: become a spectator of the expression of your deepest self.
12pm to 2pm: Canteen of Desires Menu: “Feminine identities” En Chantier
2pm to 5pm: Dance workshop focusing on sorority by Marinette Dozeville

Friday 6/10

10am to 12pm: Café des Désirs “Neighborhood identities” by En Chantier and Tchina Ndjidda
2pm to 4pm: Neighborhood Identities workshop with a focus on “The Icons Trail: literature and over-literature” by XaL, Cie Texte Hors Contexte
5pm to 6pm: Cercle du Premier temps des Poètes Focus ” Women poets / neighborhood ” by XaL, (bring a poem to read)

And of course, the usual Chuchotextes every lunchtime and the timeless Chaises musicales every evening from 6 to 7 p.m. to brighten up the week!

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And don’t forget to check out Plexus Rouge 2023 program on October 6 and 7 to extend this week dedicated to the theme of “Feminine and plural identities”!

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