Labo des désirs – 5th/8th September 2023 – « Tisser son identité » (Weaving your identity)

This fall, the Labo is pleased to welcome Dorothea Seror, a German artist and performer based in Munich, as a special guest! She will guide this week’s theme: « Weaving your identity ».

A workshop combining recycling and intimate stories

Throughout the week, Dorothea Seror will be offering an artistic creation workshop. Each participant will create a personalized object based on their own story, materials (clothing/objects) and memories, by recycling an object that holds meaning for them.
Starting on Tuesday 5th during the afternoon, the workshop will extend into a work-in-progress* format:
– every morning from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. in parallel with other workshops
– and every afternoon from 2pm to 5pm in a crossover format with the other workshops.
It will culminate in a collective performance at the Café des Désirs on Friday morning.
* You are invited to attend all the week’s workshops in order to follow the project in its entirety.

Tuesday 5/09

9:30am – 12pm: Breakfast courtesy of La Réplique11am – 12:30pm: Body training led by Dorothea Seror
2pm – 5pm: Object-making workshop and performance based on stories/recycling (Bring a piece of clothing/object… with strong emotional value to be transformed) by Dorothéa Seror, inspired by her project, « Joy of Weaving ».
5:15pm to 5:30pm: « Traces » performance by Surzhana Radnaeva. Dressed in an ephemeral white dress made from handmade Japanese paper, the artist will lead you into the meditative simplicity of wabi sabi, celebrating impermanence and the beauty of fleeting moments. TRACES reveals the delicate marks left by existence, captivating the senses and awakening a deep appreciation of the ephemeral nature of life.

Wednesday 6/09

9h:30 – 12h: Object-making workshop by Dorothea Seror
10am – 12pm: « Upcycling and its techniques – Weaving your inner garment! » workshop by Nathalie Onadu from Studio Lausié, an eco-responsible fashion school in the Belle de Mai neighborhood. Discussions around the practice of upcycling, how to express one’s identity through clothing and how to make a garment your own through customization. Please bring a T-shirt or blouse to customize.
2pm – 5pm: « Expressing your identity through upcycling » workshop – Make your own T-shirt and prepare for a fashion show with your own piece (bring a garment to customize) – Nathalie Onadu, Studio Lausié – Cross-format with Dorothea Seror’s workshop.
5pm: « Les T-Shirt de la Belle de Mai » catwalk. Everyone who took part in the workshop will model their own creation!
4pm – 8pm: the Canteen of Desires invites Josa Leschner, head chef at Berlin’s Ezsra modern bistro and former chef at the Cantine Nomade, to offer a culinary workshop on the theme of « threads of identity ».

Thursday 7/09

9.30am – 12pm: Object-making workshop by Dorothea Seror
10am – 12pm: Body, Contact Dance and Theater: « Women’s identities, men’s identities » by Marie Adrian
12:30 – 2pm: the Canteen of Desires invites you to enjoy its dishes.  » Threads of identity  » menu. A creation by chef Josa Leschner.
2pm – 5pm: Practical theater workshop  » Identity dresses – Rebirth of the self – Society’s expectations and the construction of women’s and men’s identities  » – M. Adrian – Cross-format with Dorothea Seror’s workshop.
5.15pm: Performance of « Robe Rouge » by Marie Adrian
5.30pm: Performance by Dorothea Seror

Friday 8/09

10am – 12pm: Desires Café « Come weave your identity » – En Chantier and Dorothea Seror
2pm – 5pm: Theater and Mira doll-making workshop:  » Weaving memories – From Solitude to Collective  » by Zeleikha Eldjou and Flavio Franciulli. This workshop combines two disciplines: the discovery of the Brazilian collective dance « Ciranda » and the making of Mira dolls. Through playful exercises and the sharing of memories, participants explore the making of these dolls in a safe space, in search of new interpretations. An ethical and aesthetic experience.
5pm: Poet’s Time Circle. Focus on African poets (Bring a poem to read) – XaL, La Réplique
6pm – 9pm: Apéro concert Focon followed by Fmrz

And of course, the usual Chaises musicales will follow you every evening from 6 to 7 p.m. to energize your week!

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