Labo des Désirs Mars 4th/8th – “The Most Beautiful of Mai” (Les Plus Belles de Mai)

Crédit photo : Jean-Luc Woodman

This month’s Labo des Désirs is a natural follow-up to last year’s “Plus Belles de Mai” project. It’s a week that ties in with 8 March, International Day for the Rights of Women and Gender Minorities.

Monday, the 4th of Mars

10am to 1pm – “Les Plus Belles de Mai” dance and bodywork workshop. Centred around notions of identity, transformation and cross-dressing. The aim is to create a flamboyant, parodic and quirky performance/fashion show. By Anthony La Rosa, dancer from the Kelemenis company. Open to women/non-binary people/gender minorities only
2 to 5 pm – “Inscrire des présences” dance workshop. How to legitimise our presence. How to express our own necessity through presence. In the fleeting as in the long term, trace, engrave to manifest, make visible the trajectories of the body through the Sensible, the poetic or the obvious.
Based on a few dance concepts that take into account our sensory receptors, and through choreographic composition games, we will work together to make our bodies ‘conscious’, capable of movement, momentum, transformation and mutation, to make our presence naturally visible. By Corinne Pontana. Her approach is closely linked to that of Anne Le Batard and Jean-Antoine Bigot Cie Ex Nihilo, with whom she has worked as a performer for over 17 years.

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Tuesday, 5th of Mars

10am to 1pm – “Les Plus Belles de Mai” dance workshop by Anthony La Rosa
2pm to 5pm – Body and Voice workshop
Where is your body? Where is your voice?
In this workshop we explore how emotions and thoughts can be transformed through movement and vocal inflection. Using excerpts from texts featuring inspirational female characters, this workshop invites you to discover how taking control of your body can open doors to your inner world. By Samaneh Latifi

Crédit photo : Jean-Luc Woodman

Wednesday, the 6th of Mars

10am to 1pm – Dance workshop “Les Plus Belles de Mai” by Anthony La Rosa 2pm to 5.30pm – Writing and reading workshop. ” Arpentage : nos terrains de je/ux “. Surveying/Pacing/Striding is a working class education method for applying collective intelligence to the appropriation of a work by women. By surveying extracts from a work, as Belles de Mai, we will join forces to create a piece of writing that superimposes the geography of the neighbourhood and personal trajectories, sorority and fraternity: Caress with your fingertips
The cover of this beautiful book
Like a silken cloth
Then with bravery before wrath
Open it, grab a page
And with joy tear it open
Tear it open
Do it honour
Among the scattered pages
You’ll find an anchor
And that of all your comrades
On a certain 8th March.
By Jean-Marc Jugant and Marie Pestel

Crédit photo : Francis Helgorsky

Thursday, the 7th of Mars

10am to 1pm – Dance workshop “Les Plus Belles de Mai” by Anthony La Rosa
2pm to 5pm – Theatre workshop “Libres! “
What does it mean to be a free woman?
Based on real-life experiences and stories of the participants, we’ll use theatre to explore what it means to be a free woman. By Marie Adrian

Crédit photo : Jean-Luc Woodman

Friday, the 8th of Mars

10am to 12pm – Café des Désirs “Les Plus Belles de Mai” En Chantier and KLAP. Exceptionally, it will take place at KLAP, Maison pour la danse. Presentation of the catwalk performance
2pm to 5pm – Staging literature workshop by XaL , Cie Texte Hors Contexte. The aim of the workshop is to help participants discover fragments of ‘feminine’ works and put them to the test on stage, with the Friche as a natural backdrop in a wandering fashion.
5pm to 6pm: Cercle du Premier temps des Poètes Focus “Poétesses” by XaL, (bring a poem to read)
6pm to 9pm. Apéro Concert with Erika Nomeni –DJ Waka

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-Participation in the workshop “Les Plus Belles de Mai” led by Anthony La Rosa is strongly recommended for the WHOLE week, click here to register from the 4th to the 8th of March from 10am to 1pm. If your schedule does not allow you to take part throughout the whole week, you can register for a minimum of three days only (including Friday). A video recording will take place at KLAP – Maison pour la Danse on Friday 8 March and a public presentation will take place on April 20th at Délice de Praia as part of the “Les Plus Belles de Mai” festival organised by the Mairie du 2ème et 3ème arr./KLAP- Maison pour la Danse/RedPlexus.

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And of course there’s the usual Chuchotextes at lunchtime, as well as Les Chaises musicales from 6p.m to 8p.m, for any suggestions regarding les Chaises Musicales, please contact Marine Quiniou at

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