Interactive artistic path under video surveillance.
  What is the price of your existence? An urban resistance trail in the footsteps of resistance fighters. WELCOME TO CODE 12

Above all, do not go back. Look natural, you are in the field of a surveillance camera. Be relaxed, you can even smile. They must not suspect that you are preparing to take a Path of Resistance.
Be vigilant, it is fundamental, even vital to follow the SMS that you will receive literally.
It can be a question of survival …

A “historic” urban resistance trail. Test your degree of freedom against the control devices (surveillance cameras)! Experience the underground and reveal your spirit and body of resistance in the public space!

 CODE 12 is a multimedia ambulatory urban performance. In the mode of the guided tour, 4 performers re-enact actions of contemporary resistance in a part of the city, on places marked by history. An SMS scenario, which the public can follow using smartphones, enriches the immersion in hiding and accompanies the course of the operation of resistance. The public is free to follow the instructions and choose their degree of immersion in performance. There is no “enlistment” of the public; the various stages allow him to gradually invest in a personal and collective artistic experience.

 An immersive experience. The performers expose themselves in the city like the ordinary bodies of ordinary lives. Then under false identities borrowed from the public they switch in the realization of actions of resistance inspired by the history of the district. The public becomes an accomplice of the resisters by getting involved in hiding. An urban resistance trail inspired by historical events, subversive and festive.


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