Immersive performance and digital installation

  Or how to (re) invent rituals of hospitality at a banquet, under the benevolent eye of an Oracle sms. Attempts of conviviality in a world in crisis.


Three brides * in white dresses assisted by an “Oracle SMS” invite the public to a banquet checkpoint. Wedding for a white wedding on the border where each participant meets his “double migrant”. During the banquet, the public exchange progressively video-projected sms all around. This creates a “forest of SMS” linked to the theme of exile in which he is ultimately invited to dance. A reflection on the mutation of our company? faced with the migrant crisis.

* characters inspired by the film “The Syrian Bride” by director Eran Riklis.

  What would become of me if I passed on the other side? from the wall… ?
  Cross the wall! AT? the Berlin wall, barbed wire on the borders of Europe or closer to us, wall of the city opposite. The point of view here is to experience what one would have become if one had gone or conversely if one had stayed.


This project takes place in an interactive installation, a kind of “Tower of Babel” consisting of a neon led light device, driven by a smartphone application.

“Tower of Babel” An Android application manages this experience in the form of an Oracle sms that explores our intimate relationship to exile. It dialogs with the public by SMS, manages the content of SMS exchanges and continuously changes the luminous appearance of the installation and the video projection of the SMS cloud that surrounds it.
  A digital and festive babel tower that expresses the trace of these exchanges and revisits our sense of hospitality.

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