Come dance in my SMS forest

A visual, sound & interactive installation between psychiatric environments and an artistic universe

Over the years, Ornic’art has been developing workshops linked to the performance creation process, aimed at students, people in social reintegration or in precarious situations, and young people from the Belsunce, Saint-Mauront and Belle de Mai districts. We’ve been able to measure the benefits of these workshops in terms of self-confidence, trust in others and the desire to create, to rediscover creativity and oneself.

In 2023, a cultural partnership was formed with the Hôpitaux Universitaires de Marseille, as part of their Parcours d’hospitalité program. The AP-HM psychiatric cluster – day hospitals 1 and 2 on rue Lafon, the intra- and extra-hospital units at La Conception, the Centre de Réhabilitation psychosociale du Bd Michelet (Sainte-Marguerite) – took part in the project, and members of the GEM (Groupement d’Entraide Mutuelle) and CoFor (Centre de Formation au Rétablissement) were also invited to join in.

The project drew on several artistic disciplines: writing, multimedia, performance and dance. The final aim? to build a sound and light installation for a choreographic performance with the participants, based on their personal and collective exchanges with a digital Oracle.

To achieve this, the project was divided into three stages:

  • SMS writing and conversation workshops with Electra, the digital oracle
  • the shaping of SMS conversations in a sound and light installation (video projections)
  • the movement of bodies, participants and audience, in the SMS forest (choreographic performance)

After five months of work, the final result was presented this summer at La Friche Belle de Mai as part of a Labo des désirs!

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