The future assembly

An oracle (app) transforms memories (sms) into scents to help you choose the perfume of the future.

Through an SMS conversation with an Oracle app, each participant is invited to recall a moment from their past by creating a perfume. This perfume is a story in scent that can influence the present and create a new memory.

At the end of a week of workshops, each participant leaves with his or her own perfume of the future, a veritable time machine!

During writing workshops with the Oracle app, participants are invited to chat via sms with the app and answer the question “What did you really enjoy that you didn’t? And would it have changed your life…”

Participants use their phones and a palette of scents. Scents fuel the imagination and enrich the writing process, as they conjure up images, awaken emotions and activate memory. Speakers guide participants on their textual and olfactory journey, awakening a synesthetic approach to creation. Places, characters, movements, colors, sounds and flavors emerge. Scents develop the writing process, as they clarify the evocation of places, densify characters, illuminate temporality and color actions.

To round off the adventure, participants are invited to the Banquet d’odeurs (a part of the Banquets des mondes d’après). On the menu? The transformation of smells into recipes: their fragrances will be served in the form of dishes. 20 people around an odor table feed on odors created during the assembly. They smell them… then taste them.

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