Is public space a place of fantasy?

Jauge : 80 personnes
Durée : 2h

Strange to Meet You is an urban chess game that adapts to every city context. Initially alone, then in pairs and in small groups, the public immerses in an experience of the city from the perspective of fantasy. A central body in the middle of a disc represents an organic and poetic materialization of the facebook application. It transmits to the general public what is lived on a small scale by the spectators who wander in the city. It is a databank that focuses impressions and integrates participants’ movements thanks to geolocation. The audience is divided into two groups: Experimenter and Voyeur. It is then guided by private messages and the intervention of performers throughout the performance.


In January 2015 Ornic’art organized a workshop around Strange To Meet You.

A crossing of sensitive experiences where everyone goes in search of himself in the public space. The impossible encounter of the other in the public space. Found at the origin of this quest. It results from the questionnaire on urban fantasies.

For 2 years, Ornic’art asked her audience to answer a questionnaire about urban fantasies. It contained 12 questions urging them to reveal their wildest desires in the public space. 16,000 responses collected served as a basis for a philosophical exploration of the urban. The body of the answers provided is at the origin of the performances constituting Strange to Meet You.

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