petitefleche « Turn Me On  » for Préavis de Désordre Urbain festival’s | 14 september 2018

Performance for the 12th edition of the festival Préavis de Désordre Urbain organised by Redplexus in La Friche La Belle de Mai. This year the theme was LOVE PROTEST questionning the gender, the nonstandard, the difference, and the tolerance in the field of Love.

Ornic’Art offer you to embark for a festive bivouac around a lighthouse in the heart of La Friche and offered you to let you guide by one of the performer in one of the zone of La Carte du Tendre from the twenty-first century (Desire, Jealousy, Passion, Transgender, Pansexuality, Sextos, SM Games, Sex Parties, Connected Sextoy, Pokes). The performances takes places in the differents installations ; you were free to to move, to meet partneers and enrich your Carte du Tendre…

©Photographs by Franck Martinet : facebook.


Workshop organized by Ornic’art and RedPlexus with the students of the Ecole supérieure d’art of Aix-en-Provence with Abraham Poincheval.

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>> PREAVIS DE DESORDRE URBAIN 2017International Festival of Performance in Marseille

11th edition of the International Festival of Performance, organised by RedPlexus – 13th to 24th of September

Friche La Belle de Mai, Ombrière du Vieux-Port, Square Léon Blum (Dimanche de la Canebière)


Eating in a forest of SMS right in the border.

What meal might change your life? In between culinary speed dating and singular banquet under the watchful eye of an SMS Oracle, try to find an answer at this question.

Feasting: Performances around singular banquet tables. Contribution to the evening: shared meal. Each of us brings a dish to share so as to eat all together.

Nightshot: Translation Evening. Each artist « translates » with his/her performative language one photo of performances made at Préavis de Désordre Urbain between 2007 and 2016.

MIDI PERF: Performances live on air 88.8 FM in the studios of Radio Grenouille.

« L’Oracle SMS »: listening podcast


« Vie de Fringues » (A Life of Threads):

©Franck Martinet


Nightshot Tuesday, 19th of September – Ombrière du Vieux-Port

Translation of a performance photo: The collective of Ornic’art translated in its performative language a photo of 2016 from the performer ODM.

©Karine Ghalmi

>> VIE DE FRINGUES / JULY 28th 2017Plage du Prado – Marseille

Responding to the exhibition « Vies d’Ordures », the collective of Ornic’Art recreated a mini city of recycling by the sea: throughout an installation and a choreography, our old clothes are transforming and changing in a poetic and coloured « recycling dance ». So do you, bring your rags and offer them a new life! Unless you’d rather go yourself into this surprising « recycling machine »…

Creation Plan B 2017 – MUCEM in partnership with RedPlexus

©Karine Ghalmi et Filip Filipovic