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ORNIC’ART is an adaptable collective of urban and multidisciplinary performers (Visual arts, theatre, dance, video) based at the Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille, France since 1995.

Since its creation in 2002, the company performs regularly in France and abroad, in public areas and art centres, in festivals and on national stages which include performance art in their programme. The collective designs new forms of artistic writing; urban performances or installation performances in immersion, which offer acts of subversion of reality and create innovative perspectives in the relationship between the audience, the artist, and the location of the representation.

Urban Performances
The individual is placed in the heart of the city allowing him to reshape it in accordance with his deepest desires and thus generate the possibility to meet « the other ». Closely related to commando-performance, actions located in urban areas with situational context (bus shelters, pedestrian crossings, phone boxes, fountains, McDonald’s, self-service laundry, car parks, undergrounds) are implanted in the city and deal with political context : Bug Off (2006), Place Nette (2007), Karcher Balade (2009), Radar Dolls (2010/11), Bureau des Fantasmes Urbains (2012), Échiquier Urbain Code 11 (2013).

Immersives performances
Undefined limits between reality and fiction. The influence of time on our identity. Technological progress as an illusory mirror of our quest for freedom in the contemporary world.
Ornic’art invites the audience to participate in experimental theatre. The degree of involvement is up to every participant – he or she is free to experience an artistic adventure or to remain a spectator. At the heart of each project, the installation performance allows the audience to immerge into an intimate and troubling experience : Idiosouper (2004), XY Wash 45° Couleurs (2005), Clash Temps (2008), Moutons électriques (2011/12).

In 2007, Ornic’art launched RedPlexus, a network to exchange and spread new writings of performance art, which is behind the creation of Préavis de Désordre Urbain, an international laboratory festival of performances, which takes place in Marseille (France) every year since 2007. A festival with a purpose and a close relation to matters of the contemporary world and which incites experiments, engagements in poetic and subversive actions and promotion of the recognition and diffusion of performance art.

Préavis de Désordre Urbain stands for:
10 days with 25 international, well-established or newcomers
A festival in the urban area : MorningPlexus, Zones Rouges
A festival of partnership: Theatres, Friche la Belle de Mai, artistic organizations
A laboratory festival : Brigade P and Brigade S
A festival of ideas : Rencontre au Comptoir and Préavis de Désordre Radiophonique

Urban disorder. Commando festival. An adpatable format created in a context of creative emergency and pooling of production material. 4 Editions in Paris. The last one in June 2013.

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